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Basic of Income tax return

Section 44ADA of Income Tax Act: Objectives, Benefits & More

Section 44ADA of the income tax laws in India offers a simplified tax regime for professionals and freelancers. It allows them to calculate their taxable income as half of their gross annual earnings, provided their total income falls below a specific threshold.


Section 44ADA of Income Tax Act: Objectives, Benefits & More

Section 44ADA of the income tax laws in India offers a simplified tax regime for professionals and freelancers. It allows them to calculate their taxable income as half of their gross annual earnings, provided their total income falls below a specific threshold. 

This section simplifies tax compliance for small professionals and helps in reducing their tax burden. In this blog, we will take you through all the essential aspects of section 44 ADA of Income Tax Act. Read on for more.

What is Section 44ADA of Income Tax Act?

Section 44ADA of the Income Tax Act deals with Presumptive Taxation for certain professionals. This system simplifies how they calculate their profits. However, it is important to know that only professionals in specific fields mentioned in Section 44AA(1) can use this method.

Section 44ADA is part of the presumptive tax scheme in the ITA. Under this section, professionals don't have to maintain detailed accounting records. Instead, they can calculate their profits as a percentage of their total sales in a fiscal year.

However, if their income is less than 50% of their receipts and their total income exceeds the exemption limit, they must maintain proper accounting records and get them audited.

Also, if a professional earns money from foreign clients, they must pay taxes on that income.

Eligible Professionals Under Section 44ADA of income tax

Section 44ADA of the Income Tax Act applies to individuals who earn less than Rs. 50 lakh annually in certain professions. These professions include:

Professionals engaged in the following fields are eligible for Section 44ADA:

1. Interior Decoration

2. Technical Consulting

3. Engineering

4. Accounting

5. Legal

6. Medical

7. Architecture

Additionally, the category of eligible professionals extends to:

8. Movie Artists, encompass various roles such as producer, editor, actor, director, music director, art director, dance director, cameraman, singer, lyricist, story writer, screenplay or dialogue writer, and costume designer.

9. Authorized Representatives, refer to individuals who represent others for a fee before a tribunal or any legally constituted authority. This category excludes employees of the represented person or those engaged in the profession of accountancy.

10. Other professionals as notified by relevant authorities.


What are the key objectives of Section 44ADA of Income Tax Act?

Section 44ADA in the Presumptive Taxation Scheme has the following main goals:

1. Simplify the tax process for self-employed professionals with small incomes.

2. Decrease the tax compliance responsibilities for self-employed professionals.

3. Facilitate the business operations of self-employed professionals.

4. Ensure fairness by extending benefits to self-employed professionals similar to those already provided to small business owners covered under Section 44AD of the Income Tax Act.

What Are The Benefits of Section 44ADA?

Below are the Tax Benefits of Presumptive Income Under Section 44ADA of Income Tax Act:

1. Simplified Filing Process: Filing taxes under Section 44ADA is remarkably straightforward compared to other ITR forms. Doing so will save you time, and effort & minimize the possibility of errors.

2. Reduced Tax Liability: Professionals typically have limited expenses to declare. By considering 50% of their earnings as profit and the rest as expenses, they can effectively reduce their tax burden.

3. Cost Savings: The uncomplicated tax filing process encourages individuals to file their income tax returns independently, eliminating the need for expensive professional tax consultants. This can save taxpayers significant amounts, as consultants often charge between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 for their services.

While Section 44ADA offers these advantages, it's essential for self-employed professionals to be aware of its limitations as well.

Presumptive Tax Rate Under Section 44ADA

According to Section 44ADA, the taxable income is determined as 50% of the total annual gross earnings from a profession. This calculation is made with the understanding that professionals generally have lower expenses compared to business owners. Moreover, qualified professionals have the option to report expenses exceeding 50% of their total receipts if it applies to their situation.

Provisions For Salaried Individuals Under Presumptive Taxation

Sometimes, salaried individuals who have regular jobs also engage in freelancing to boost their income. In such cases, their salary income is combined with the earnings from freelancing to calculate the total income for the fiscal year. 

It's important to note that this combined income is subject to taxation based on the individual's applicable tax slab rate.

For instance, let's consider Ritu, whose annual salary income is Rs. 20 lakh, and her freelance income is Rs. 10 lakh. Ritu can choose the presumptive taxation regime, where she includes only half of her freelance earnings in her total income. This makes her annual income Rs. 25 lakh. In this scenario, Ritu should use ITR-4 to file her Income Tax Returns.

Points To Remember While Opting For Section 44ADA

Before deciding to use this tax provision, it's advisable to consider the following factors:

1. Actual Expenditure: Assess your actual expenses. Financial experts often suggest that professionals with a low net profit ratio may want to avoid this tax provision.

2. Partner Remuneration: There is no provision allowing professionals to deduct partner remuneration from presumptive income.

3. Firm Partners: Even if a professional firm doesn't adopt this tax provision, individual partners can still choose Section 44ADA for their share of interest or salary received from the same firm.

4. Opting Out: Unlike some specific taxpayer categories, professionals who previously chose this tax provision can opt out of it at any time.

Taking all these factors into account, individuals can decide whether to utilize Section 44ADA of the Income Tax Act. Furthermore, they should explore strategies to maximize the benefits of this tax provision and reduce their annual tax liability.


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