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An Income Tax Return or ITR is a kind of form used to declare the net tax liabilities of a person and to claim tax benefits on your filed Income Tax. Get everything about Income Tax Slab Rates, Due Dates, ITR Forms, Income Sources, Income Tax Deductions, etc.

ITR Forms

Income Tax Return (ITR) filing requires taxpayers to furnish various documents and information in different ITR forms, depending on their income sources. We will take you through everything pertaining to the ITR Forms & Documents, covering the different types of ITR Forms, their applicability, and the necessary information to fill out income tax forms.

Filing Procedure

ITR Procedure is an important part of the income tax filing process for taxpayers in India. After filing ITR, taxpayers must verify it within a specified period to complete the filing process. We will explain everything about income tax Verification, including its importance, methods, deadline, etc.

Income Tax Slabs

Income tax returns are a crucial part of the Indian tax system, and all taxpayers must file their income tax returns by the due date every year. We will cover all the basics of income tax returns, including who must file ITR, the different types of returns, and the various documents and information required for filing income tax returns.

Tax Deductions

Salary Income is simply the paycheque or a fixed amount that is given to employees every month by the employer. We’ll take you through the basics of income from salary, including the different components of salary, deductions, exemptions available, and tax implications, etc.

Important dates

Under the Income Tax Act, of 1961, income rendered from the house property falls under taxation. Whether you're a landlord, a retiree, or a freelancer, understanding the nuances of income from House Property & Other Sources is crucial for complying with the Indian tax laws and maximizing your tax savings.

Income tax from the business profession

Income from Business & Profession is a crucial component of the Indian tax system, which includes income earned from various business sources such as trading, manufacturing, and professional services. We will take you through the basics of income from Business & Profession, including the different types of income, allowable expenses, and deductions.

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